What to Look for in a Viewing

Every home is different, and they will all have their quirks. What matters to you will be as individual as the colour you choose to paint a kitchen. But it is essential to look beyond some surface elements and try to see the potential of any property you are viewing.

Creating a Personalised Checklist for Your Dream Home

Just as every home is different, every buyer is different too, and what matters to you won’t be the same as other people. Begin by making a checklist of everything important such as:

  • The Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  • Reception Rooms and Kitchen
  • The Garden and Parking

The location of the property and its proximity to the local facilities that matter most to you should also be considered. These include good schools, shops, and pubs.

Factors to Consider When Inspecting a Potential Property Purchase

Next, you might want to think about things like:

  • The road where the property is located.
  • Security and privacy at the front and back.
  • Any obvious external repairs that may need to be done.
  • Outside paintwork and windows.
  • The décor, but do not be put off by anything that is not to your taste as paint, wallpaper and floor coverings are all easily replaced.
  • The quality of the kitchen units and bathroom fittings.
  • For example, the size of bedrooms and the direction they face – onto the road.
  • Any outside buildings or sheds and garages.
  • The smell of the property and staining on the walls or around skirting boards and flooring will give you a sense of whether there is any damp.
  • The amount of storage and whether there is scope for more to be added, you can never have too many cupboards.
  • The location of streams, ponds, and rivers as these may affect the cost of insurance.

Additional Considerations When Evaluating a Property Purchase

And remember to ask or check the heating, lighting, and council tax costs.

This list isn’t exhaustive and is not designed to provide you with a tick list because some people will be looking for the perfect walk-in home and others a doer-upper they can stamp their own personalities on.

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