First-Time Buyer Enquiries Rise in the UK

The UK housing market has seen a surge in first-time buyer enquiries this year, indicating a growing confidence among young people to enter the property market. Despite rising house prices and economic uncertainty, first-time buyers are undeterred, driven by a desire for stability and ownership. Several factors contribute to this positive trend. Government initiatives, such

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Autumn Golden Words

There are a number of reasons why the UK property market is still strong, despite rising interest rates and the cost of living crisis. High Demand: Demand for housing is still high, particularly from first-time buyers and investors. First-time buyers are eager to get on the property ladder, while investors are attracted by the potential

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Buying VS Renting

Buying VS Renting

There are a few key questions to ask yourself when debating whether you should buy or rent. To help you decide what is better suited to you, continue reading! 1# What is your budget ? 2# Do you want to stay flexible? 3# Are you looking for an investment? #1 When looking at monthly accommodation,

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