Check out our latest tips for interior trends this coming winter

  • 5 months ago
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We are listening to the latest trends inspiring the creators of the materials, styles and designs for our interiors this coming season.

Here are the key trends hot of the shelf from recent interior UK design shows. 
1. Customisable interiors. 
Think about the details. Match switches, doorknobs perfectly to your colour scheme. 
Customise armrests and chair legs to suit your style.
2. Dark Timbers 
Pale wood is making way for the darker woods, and deeper toned alternatives. 
Mahogany and walnut are now making headway as being the latest interior look. 
3. 1920’s inspiration 
The 1920’s are inspiring designers to add a trim of brass and deco feel, together with geometric designs.
4. Elevated wall coverings. 
If you are looking for something more interesting than paint, then look at textured wallpaper, or even 3D wall coverings within colourful contemporary rooms.
5. Using Nature as a guide
Any use of nature, be it plants, or coloured handles, and glass to create a natural accent , will give your home an individuality above and beyond others. 
6. A new take on chandeliers
Cut glass crystal chandeliers to give glamour are a great way of dressing up a room, as well as vintage glasses, cutlery to give an added twist of style. 
7. Multifunctional spaces 
Homes are expected more than ever to accommodate a range of activities and for this they require hardworking furniture. Bookshelves, bureaus, and storage desks are becoming sought after, to create study zones within living areas. 
The overlap between working and relaxing at home, means that people are looking for these spaces which can be easily transferred, depending on daily requirements. 

So, it’s fusion between opulence, glamour, texture and practicality for this winter season. A lovely palate to artistically dress up your home and bring some sparkle into the winter season.

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