Christmas on a Budget

Christmas is inevitably an expensive time of the year, so we have some tips and advice to help you keep in budget.

Splash now, Save later.

When looking at Christmas Decorations it is better to invest in a few quality pieces that can be used each year. By buying quality products you also save yourself having to buy more in the future as these products are more likely to last.

By also investing in better pieces it saves more going to landfill year after year. 

Rent a Tree.

If you’re looking to splash out on the real Christmas tree this year, renting a tree could save you far more money and is far better for the environment. Renting a tree would be subject to a deposit however would make a great addition and can grow as the family grows. 

Food and Alcohol.

In the month of December the average family spends 23-38% more on food and alcohol. So before you splash out, look at what food you ACTUALLY need. A lot of food goes to waste over the Christmas period so it’s good to make a food plan and work out how much food you need. 

Stick to a Budget.

At Christmas we have an ever growing list of people to gift to, however we need to cut the unnecessary gift giving to anyone. Work out between the house hold spending what is a realistic budget for gifts, food and decorations.