Colours to improve our mental health

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Light and colour can have the strongest impact and effect on our mood. We love to have walks to embrace the outdoors and are a nation of talking about the weather and colour of the sky and mood of the day, on a daily basis. Recent studies have platformed the importance that this has on our mental health.

We’re increasingly aware that spending time in nature is good for our mental and physical health, so it’s no surprise that many of us are seeking ways to connect our homes with the outdoors, both by bringing the outside in and by drawing the eye out to the garden.One of the easiest, and most inexpensive, ways to do this is with nature-inspired paint colours. Of course, the quick fix of seasonal flowers, plants and tending to our cherished house plants can make a massive impact, bringing the outdoors inside, particularly during the autumn and winter months when our doors are now closed! 

1. Use a palette of uplifting greens

Both calming and refreshing, green is the perfect colour to create a blood-pressure-lowering connection to nature. Green is the colour of growing things and of balance, which makes it the perfect choice for places in which you want to feel grounded and at peace. It is also the only true colour in the spectrum that works effortlessly with every other colour, so it is a great option to use as being the most reliable complimentary colour. 

Using a combination of layered greens along with earthy neutrals and a selection of houseplants will boost the feeling of immersion in nature. Green can also pair extremely well with shades of soft browns and pinks. These are warm autumnal colours. 

Whether you split the colours by painting your room half and half, creating a panel or geometric design, or introducing wide stripes, there are plenty of pleasing colour combinations to help you create the mood you’re after.

For a soothing but sophisticated atmosphere, try pairing one of this year’s popular sage shades, such as sage with a deeper, grounding colour, such as elegant rose pink and woody browns. If you prefer an energising scheme, consider teaming a vibrant melon with a touch of apple or coconut white, or turn down the energy with pastels such as a soft Green to create a more delicate, fresh feel. There are also glamorous geraniums pinks which work well with emerald green. 

2. Extend indoor colours into your outside space

If you have a room that opens onto a patio or garden, using the same colours indoors and out will create the feeling of a seamless space and draw your eye outside. Choose natural colours that complement the plants and paving in the garden.
If you have a big patio door that leads to an outside living space, consider painting the bottom half of the interior wall and same area of the adjoining garden wall in a standout shade. An olive or sage green matt emulsion for the interior teamed with an ivy green smooth masonry paint for the exterior, keeping the top half in a complementary pale shade, such as Coconut or jasmine white. For a personalised, creative look, why not paint a smart graphic shape that allows the interior and exterior spaces to subtly blend together? There are some lovely latte coffee colours which blend well with lighter soft caramel, cream and off white. Colours such as slate and modern grey can create an atmosphere for a slightly cooler feel, for contrast.

3. Maximise an outside view

Just as we can use influence from our gardens, making the most of any greenery beyond the boundary to extend our spaces, so we can use the outdoors to bring a sense of the natural world into our homes. The trick here is to use paint colours near a window or glazed doors, or on a window frame, to highlight and extend an outside view.Painting a whole wall that contains glazing onto the garden in a leafy green, such as moss green or Palm green , will double the impact and visually invite the foliage into your home. Or try painting a window frame in an impactful shade, such as greens from the paint colour palate to highlight the view and make nature the focal point.

4. Create the feel summer skies on your ceilings

Imagine the feeling of freshness and freedom you get when you gaze up into a boundless sky – then bring that feeling home. How about coming away from standard white for your ceiling and plumping instead for an airy light blue as this can recreate that natural high, connecting you emotionally to the outdoors.Check out some subtle hint of blue hue for your ceiling . It works perfectly on a ceiling, adding depth without dominating the space. Combining it with a gentle green, such as fresh foliage colours on the walls as this will boost the impression of being out in the fresh air.

Your home will be an oasis of calming nature, making your mood lift, and happy endorphins flourish! 

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