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Do you have a commercial property for sale, Dorset customers? Or are you actively looking to buy a commercial property in the local area? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Direct Moves, we’re proud to be the leading independent estate agents offering comprehensive moving services, mortgage advice, and free valuations. Call 01305 778500 now.

The Best Commercial Property for Sale Dorset

Ask anyone who’s ever bought or sold a home, and they’ll tell you just how stressful the process can be. With commercial properties, the process can seem even more daunting. You’re not just buying a home; you’re buying a place of business which needs to fit your company’s needs and budget. A mistake here could prove very costly.

Here at Direct Moves, we’ve many years of experience listing properties to buy, using comprehensive marketing techniques to reach the widest audience. We leverage our understanding of the property market, local area, and our clients’ requirements to find the right buyers. And we do the same to find our clients the right commercial properties to buy.

We boast highly competitive prices and if you’ve approached another estate agents in Dorset to find you a commercial property for sale, let us know. Our guaranteed fee-matching offer means we’ll match whatever they’re charging and deliver a higher quality service.

With a diverse portfolio of properties and thousands of potential buyers, we can make the process of buying and selling commercial property super-easy. If you’re selling, we’ll get your commercial property listed with all the relevant particulars, including:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Floorplan
  • EPC
  • Description
  • HD Photos
  • And More

And through intelligent sales tracking, honest updates, and next-day feedback, once the process begins, we’ll keep you apprised of our progress throughout. To learn more about our process, keep reading.

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Our Process 

Our process is quite simple. We start with a FREE valuation of your commercial property in Dorset. This is important because you could list your property for too much or too little without an expert valuation. In the former case, your property simply won’t sell, and in the latter case, you’ll be left thousands of pounds out of pocket.

The Direct Moves team has years of experience valuing commercial properties. They’ll apply their knowledge of the property market and the local area and look at the average price of other similar commercial properties in the area. They’ll also consider the age, condition, size, etc., to help refine the amount.

Once we’ve valued your commercial property, it’ll be listed, and our team will leverage a plethora of marketing techniques to reach the widest possible audience. Once we’ve located suitable buyers, we’ll schedule accompanied viewings whenever is convenient. Once an offer has been made, we’ll handle negotiations, and upon acceptance of an offer, we’ll take care of all the rest.

We’re with you right to the very end!

What Else Do We Offer?

In addition to helping customers with commercial properties for sale, we also offer other services here at Direct Moves. Three of these services are:

You can learn more about these services, Dorset customers, below or by calling our team.

Assistance with Buying Property  

Selling commercial property is only part of the equation. If you’re planning on relocating to larger premises and wish to buy rather than rent, you’ll need to go through a similar process to buying a home. Here at Direct Moves, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We’ll first begin with a discussion to ascertain your requirements. Once we’ve established a criterion, we’ll begin searching for commercial properties in Dorset that match. Perhaps you have a particular location in mind or require a property with a certain layout or size. Whatever the case, we’ll drum up a list of suitable candidates to show you.

As with selling a commercial property, once you’ve picked an option you like, we’ll set an appointment to show you around. If you’re happy with what you’ve seen and want to make an offer, we’ll be a go-between, liaising with you and the seller.

Once an offer has been agreed upon, the next step will be to place a deposit and secure a mortgage on the building. Our mortgage advice service comes into play next.

Mortgage Advice

When buying a property, Dorset customers, whether it’s residential or commercial, unless you can buy it outright, you’ll need to take out a mortgage. A mortgage is a loan where a bank lends you the amount (minus the deposit) needed to buy the property. You then pay back the bank each month until the mortgage is paid off. At this point, you own the property outright.

When it comes to mortgages, there is no “one-size-fits-all” option. This can make choosing the right mortgage a daunting experience, as many mortgage products are available. Each product has pros and cons, many offer benefits, but not all these benefits may apply to you. Policies vary from product to product, so choosing the one that’s right for you is important.

That’s where we come in – here at Direct Moves, our Dorset team includes a mortgage advice specialist. He’ll consider your personal circumstances and preferences to help narrow down the right mortgage products for you.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • All Aspects Covered, From Help-to-Buy to Buy-to-Let, Affordable Housing Schemes, etc.
  • Consultations Available Face-to-Face or Over the Phone at a Time to Suit You
  • Expert Advice Tailored to You
  • Lifetime Relationships That Extend Beyond the Completion of Your Mortgage
  • We Search 1000s of Mortgages to Find You the Right Ones


A lot of business owners choose to rent a space for their business rather than purchase the building outright. If you’re in this group and looking for a commercial property to rent in Dorset, then Direct Moves is here to help.

We’re proud to work in collaboration with The Letting Agent (Dorset) Ltd. The Letting Agent (Dorset) Ltd. offers a wide range of services for those new to the ‘buy-to-let’ business and established landlords alike.

The company was founded by Managing Director Julie Coffee (MARLA) in January 2015 and has garnered an exceptional reputation over the last seven years. Julie already possessed more than ten years of experience in the lettings industry prior to founding the business. Her knowledge of the area and considerable expertise make her an excellent candidate to partner with.

What sets The Letting Agent (Dorset) Ltd. apart from other letting agents is that they are highly professional, reliable, and genuinely care about the landlords and tenants they serve. They are committed to providing a service comparable to the big letting agents while maintaining a personal touch. They believe that it is important for agents to build solid relationships with clients built on trust.

The Letting Agent (Dorset) Ltd. delivers all property management and accounts services in-house. They work hard to establish a real rapport with landlords and tenants, providing peace of mind and professional service at a reasonable price. They aim to keep company overheads low, passing these savings on to the clients.

And while you might be concerned that lower fees might mean reduced service standards. Rest assured that this is one area where they do not compromise. They only use local, reliable contractors to manage the properties they oversee. This keeps costs low and service levels high. We’re proud to work with them, and if you’re interested in property lettings, we’d be more than happy to set you up with the best industry services.

About Us 

Direct Moves was founded by Barry and Emma in 1997, and for the last 25 years, the pair have grown the business into a trusted and highly successful agency. In the two and half decades Direct Moves has been operating, thousands of clients have bought and sold residential and commercial properties with our assistance.

Barry and Emma lead a professional and dedicated team focused on helping people at every stage of their journey. Our team even includes a dedicated sales and pipeline manager. And with extensive knowledge of the property market in Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester, and Dorset, you can be confident of receiving the best service at a great price.


If you’re still on the fence and wondering whether we’re the right company to call, search for us on Google. Here, you’ll find many Google reviews left by customers that attest to our capabilities and results.

Why Choose Direct Moves?

If you’re looking to sell a commercial property in Dorset, look no further than Direct Moves. We boast a stellar reputation built over the last 25 years, and we’re proud to have established an enviable client base. Many customers wouldn’t hesitate to recommend our estate agency to friends and family.

We offer competitive fees thanks to our guaranteed fee-matching offers. We boast more extensive advertising coverage with national and international exposure. We have experienced working business owners and a highly motivated and trusting sales team. We boast one of the highest completion rates in the local area, and our unrivalled knowledge ensures that your property sells for the right price.

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So, if you’re looking for commercial properties for sale or you’re looking to buy a commercial property, look no further than Direct Moves. We’re the direct way to buy and sell without any of the hassle or stress. To find out more, call our Dorset team on 01305 778500, fill out our FREE valuation request form or email