Decluttering tips to refresh your home.

With Christmas fast approaching now is the time to refresh your wardrobes and clear out your cupboards.

Now, de-cluttering is no fun job. If like me you leave things until they are a little out of control than this article will help clear it out and keep on top of it. One of the easiest ways to tackle clutter is to take each room on, one by one. 


The kitchen just so happens to be one of the hardest places to declutter. With so many activities taking place, from; cooking, eating and socializing its no wonder it can become a little messy. The best way to sort through it is to look through what you use the most verses what you do not use. If you haven’t used the utensil or equipment for a couple months, perhaps consider donating it to charity for someone else to use. 


Once you have sorted through all the cupboards, wiped down the cupboard with some soap and water and return items you are keeping. The second part to tackle in the kitchen is to review the countertop. Is the countertop cluttered? Find storage space for items that aren’t in use daily. Once better storage has been found it will be easier to maintain. 


Bathrooms can also gather a lot of clutter. From empty bottles to dirty laundry. The best way to keep on top of bathroom messes is to go through storage, recycle empty bottles and throw away out of date items. This will surprisingly create a lot of space.

Then if you have a small amount of storage space arrange bottles into categories such as; shampoo, conditioner or soap. Make sure towels are hung up out of the way and that you keep as little out as possible.

Living Area

One of the places in the house that we spend the most amount of time and yet also one of the most difficult places to keep clear of clutter. The best ways to tackle clutter and mess is to decide on a permanent storage solution. One of the hardest things to work on are the wires and electronics, find a way to neatly store them, using small baskets and labelling them will help sort this. 

Secondly kids toys make a massive impact on the clutter around a household. Take a good look at what toys are being used or need to be recycled/donated. More often or not this exercise will uncover how many toys are actually used.