Early Vegetables to be Planting Now!

Once all the summer crops has been harvested it can feel as though there is nothing left. Winter is a great time to prepare for the following year and start some early sowing.

Winter can be a frustrating time for most vegetable growers as there is less produce. However, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about this time of year as you can plant variations of seeds to provide an early start to spring harvest.

To ensure a good start to harvest means to have the right equipment ready. You’ll need;

  • Cold frame or Greenhouse.
  • Cloches to cover the seedlings. 
  • Module seed trays.
  • Hardy seed variations for colder weather.


Surprisingly lettuces grow very well during the winter. The key is to keep them in the greenhouse or a cold frame. Smaller varieties are more resilient to the colder weather too. 


Spinach also thrives in the cooler weather. They are best sown in cold frames or polytunnels, although they can be sown in the autumn outside. 


So despite a long harvest carrots are great to sow in the Winter for a mid summer harvest! Make sure to use mulch and shredded leaves to keep the bed warm and cover with an insulating layer such as a bed cover too keep warm. Like other winter crops carrots flavour actually improve with few frosts. 


Kale is a great hardy winter veg to grow. There are two ways to enjoy your kale growth, you have mature the crop which is great for soups and stews and as a baby crop for tender leaves which is great to add to a salad.