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Are you looking to buy or sell a property? Perhaps you wish to let a property that you own or look into a rental option. Whatever your requirements might be, you will need the expertise of local, qualified estate agents in Weymouth. For this, you need look no further than Direct Moves, as we are a leading estate agency in the Weymouth area. 

We boast many years of experience in the property industry, and we have assisted countless clients in this time with our services. From selling and buying to letting and renting, we have a service to meet your property needs. simply call us on 01305 778500 to speak to a member of our team directly. 

The Best Estate Agents in Weymouth

When it comes to any service within the property industry, whether you wish to buy or sell a property, or to let or rent a property, you will need the expertise of estate agents. They will be the team that handles every aspect of the process for you, ensuring everything is legal, contracts are drawn up and signed, surveys are carried out, and more. Without an estate agent, it will be very difficult to successfully sell, buy, let, or rent a property. 

However, you need to make sure you are working with an experienced and reliable estate agency, ensuring you and your property are in safe hands. This is where we come in at Direct Moves, as we have been operating since 1997. We are local estate agents in Weymouth with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.  

Over the years, we have built up a trustworthy and highly successful estate agency that can assist with any property requirements you have. From buying and selling to letting and renting, and even just some property advice, our expert team are on hand to assist. 

With extensive knowledge of the property market in the Weymouth, you can be sure of only the best service whatever you are looking to do with our Direct Moves Estate Agents in Weymouth.

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Free Property Valuations

If you are contemplating selling your property but wish to get a better idea of the current market value before making any commitments, we can help you with this. Here at Direct moves, we offer every property owner in Weymouth a free professional property valuation for their home. All you need to do is get in touch a member of our team to request a free property valuation. 

We will then visit your property on a convenient date to carry out the property valuation. Our team will carry out a thorough inspection of your property in order to provide you with an accurate valuation of your property. You can trust our team to be honest, impartial, and trustworthy with their valuation. 

Our Property Experts

When it comes to any property service, from buying and selling to renting and letting, you will need to work with a professional and experienced team of estate agents in Weymouth. You will need a team with experience in and knowledge of the local property market. This is why you should work with our team at Direct Moves, as we are the property experts in Weymouth.  

We were first established in 1997 by Barry and Emma, and we have only gone from strength to strength since then. We now boast a locally trusted and highly successful estate agency, and we have assisted countless property owners in this time, not just in Weymouth but across Portland and Dorchester too.  

As property experts in Weymouth, we assist every property owner with their requirements. We focus on helping people at every stage of their journey, from start to finish, and every client is provided their own dedicated sales manager. This ensures that you receive first-class, personalised service from us at every stage. 

What Do Our Solicitors Do for You?

One of the main reasons a property owner will reach out to our estate agents in Weymouth is to sell their property. You might wish to sell your current home if you need to upsize or downsize, and some homeowners need to relocate for work or family matters. Regardless of the reason behind selling your house, you will need to work with a reliable and experienced estate agents in Dorset. 

This is where we can assist at Direct Moves, as we can get your property on the market as quickly as possible, listing it for the current market price. Our team will handle every step of the selling process, from arranging viewings and finding you a buyer to surveys, contracts, and more. We will ensure the sales process is as smooth as possible for you and that you won’t need to worry about a thing. 

Alternatively, you might find yourself needing to buy a new property, in which case you will still need the expertise of local estate agents in Weymouth. Here at Direct Moves, we will be more than happy to show you the current properties we have listed in the Weymouth area and advise you as to which might best suit your requirements and your budget.  

We will take you on viewings so you can get a better idea of each property and, should you find a property you love, we will help you purchase it. Our team handle the entire buying process for you, ensuring everything goes through smoothly. 

Why Come to Us?

Here at Direct Moves, we are locally trusted and highly successful estate agents in Weymouth, and we can assist with any property service you require. From selling and buying to renting and letting, and even just property advice and free valuations, we are on hand to assist. We will help you through every stage of your journey, from start to finish, ensuring you receive the best service and, if you are selling, the best possible price for your property.  

At Direct Moves, we boast an unrivalled knowledge of the local area, which ensures that your property sells for the right price, to the right person. Plus, our completion rate is one of the highest in the area thanks to our intelligent sales tracking. You can trust that we will treat your home with the respect it deserves, finding you a fantastic buyer.  

So, if you are selling, buying, letting, or renting, you have come to the right place, as we are trusted local estate agents in Weymouth.  

Other Services We Provide in Weymouth

Here at Direct Moves, we don’t just assist our clients with buying or selling a property. We understand that these days, with getting on the property ladder being so difficult, many are instead choosing to rent a property. This is why we also offer services related to renting and letting properties in Weymouth.  

If you are looking to move into a rented property, our expert estate agents in Portland can assist you. We can provide you with expert advice regarding the renting process, such as basic information about renting, including the average cost for properties in your area, deposits, and more.  

Additionally, if you are currently living in a rented property that we oversee at Direct Moves, we are on hand to assist with any issues you might be having. We work closely with all landlords to ensure any essential maintenance is handled to a high standard, and we can protect tenants from disputes with the landlord that aren’t your fault. 


If you have a property that you wish to rent out to tenants, our team at Direct Moves can assist you with this. We are delighted to work with The Letting Agent (Dorset) Ltd, who offer a range of services for established landlords and those who are new to the buy to let business.  

The Letting Agent (Dorset) Ltd genuinely care about each landlord and tenant, and they aim to provide a reliable service to all. By working with them on rented properties, this care and attention extends through our services. You can trust us to always provide a first-class and personal service to every landlord and tenant, ensuring all needs are met on both sides. 

Rest assured that we carry out thorough checks on all potential tenants, ensuring they will treat your property with respect and reliably pay rent every month. And, if you are looking to rent a property, get in touch as we can match you with your ideal property, within your rental budget. 

Mortgage Advice

Here at Direct Moves, we understand that it can be difficult to find a mortgage that is right for your financial situation, especially in the current economic crisis with mortgage payments being much higher than average. You need to find a mortgage that is right for you financially, ensuring you can reliably pay each month and not leave yourself in a touch financial situation.

We can help with any mortgage advice you might need here at Direct Moves. CJ Mortgage Hub Ltd works directly with us to provide expert advice. We will search thousands of mortgages to find the right one for your circumstances, and we take care of everything. From explaining options and helping you select a mortgage, to choosing suitable protection and handling the application, our team will assist with it all.


We understand that you might wish to hear from previous clients before reaching out to our estate agents in Weymouth. So, why not take a moment to read the many glowing testimonials on our site? We are confident that these will provide you with complete peace of mind in our property services. 

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So, if you wish to buy, sell, let, or rent in the Weymouth area, you will need the assistance of expert estate agents in Weymouth. This is where we come in at Direct Moves, as we are the premier estate agency in the Weymouth area, boasting years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whatever your property requirements, we will have a service to match. 

So, to find out more about how we can help, simply give us a call today on 01305 778500 to speak to a member of our team directly. Alternatively, fill out our contact form or send an email to and we will respond shortly via your preferred method of contact.