Gardening in April

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The days are beginning to warm and with that gardens come to life. So far March has been impressively warm so now is a great time to really delve into planting, pruning and sowing seeds!

April is a great time to grow vegetables.

-Directly sow carrots, peas, beetroot, winter cabbages, broccoli and salad crops.

-Now is a great time so marrows, courgettes, pumpkins, squash and tomatoes in a greenhouse or propagator.

-If the temperatures drop, pull some fleece over fruiting plants, potatoes and carrots.

-Thin seedlings in the vegetable patch, especially root vegetables.

Flowering plants in April

Towards the end of the month plant Dahlia tubers.

-Dead head spring flowering plants such as; primroses and pansies.

-Now is a great time for wildflower seedlings, just sprinkle lightly over compost, rake through and pat down.

Lawn Care

-Firstly rake the area to remove and dead grass.

-Dig out perennial weeds.

– April is also a great time to refresh your lawns. Use self repairing lawn seed to have a blemish fee lawn.

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