Gardening in May

May is one of the best times of year when the garden really begins to change and flourish.

This month is all about really keeping on top of the basic maintenance of the garden. Start to mow the lawn weekly but consider leaving some areas long for wildlife. Add any clippings to the compost heap.


Continue to regularly hoe off any weeds and keep allotment area clear of weeds to ensure best growth of other plants. 

Now the majority of the frosty nights have passed it is also a great time to get cannas and dahlias planted. 

Remove any faded flowers from earlier in the spring or over wintered flower beds. 

Harden off any seedlings or cuttings by leaving them outside for a couple of hours on a sunny day to eventually plant out after 14 days. 

Sweetpeas will now be large enough and will require training so tie to their supports to assist with growth 

Take cuttings from woody herbs such as Thyme, Rosemary and Hyssop. 

Apply Nitrogen rich lawn feed for leafy growth. 

Clean and scrub all bird/squirrel feeders to reduce infections.