Get your garden ready for ‘Kerb appeal’

We all know first impressions are absolutely paramount when it comes to selling your home. So many houses are dismissed just because the potential buyer doesn’t like the look of the front of the house, without even venturing inside! Gardens therefore are key to selling your home and creating that all important ‘Kerb appeal’
Here are a few of Direct Moves hints and ideas of how to obtain that over all fantastic first impression!

Basic maintenance is often all that is needed, keeping hedges trimmed and tidy, lawns mowed and pathways weeded. Any garden gates should be kept painted and fences maintained, painted or stained if necessary. Any walls surrounding the garden should be re-pointed if necessary. Any sheds or outbuildings should be kept in a good condition and if you do have an old shed which is half falling down, put it out of its misery and remove it completely!

Winter is obviously a time when people pay less attention to gardens, but this doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Clear up any leaves and pull up and rotten plants or shrubs. Keep paths and patios swept and tidy.

Pots and hanging baskets can add a splash of colour to any garden and don’t cost the earth. If you have a small garden or courtyard garden, consider investing in a garden mirror. Placed in the right place, this can really improve the illusion of a larger garden and space. A retractable washing line can make a big difference rather than a great big rotary line stuck in the middle of the lawn!

Tidy away tools and lawn mowers and also if you have children, put away all those large, bright garden toys! Make sure that all wheelie bins are tidy and stored away out of sight if possible.



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