Getting a deposit

Getting a deposit together can be daunting for any first-time buyer. Its also one of the hardest parts to get yourself on the housing ladder. 
A couple of years ago there were ISA’s you could get to help towards saving with government incentive. However, this incentive ended in November 2019 to new applicants. If you were fortunate enough to apply before this is one of the best ways to help. If you do have a Help to Buy ISA make sure you put money in monthly and when you come to buy your property DO NOT CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT (so easily done but doesn’t give you the government money which is the big part of the incentive)

Getting the right bank account

If you were late to the Help to Buy we do have some other tips to help you save towards your deposit.
Help to Save: 50% bonus on savings if you’re on a low incomeCash ISAs: The likely winner if you pay tax on savings interestRegular savings: Up to 5% interest if you can save monthly


If you are fortunate enough to family members with some money they may also be able to help you through ‘gifting’.

Gifting is a way in which families can give the homebuyer money towards the deposit. The key thing with gifting is there is no agreement that the homebuyer needs to repay the amount.