Home Improvements – what adds more value??

So you are thinking of making some changes to your property and wondering which home improvements can have the most impact on the value.

According to a recent survey by Anglian Home Improvements, the following changes or improvements can increase the value the most, however, when asked what home improvements they think add the most value to a property, only 2% of people asked  said that creating open-plan living space would give the biggest boost to value.

  • Creating open-plan living space: adds an average of £46,504
  • Loft conversion: adds an average of £24,255
  • Extension: adds an average of £6,456
  • New kitchen: adds an average of £3,509
  • Conservatory: adds an average of £3,155

So what do we THINK has the biggest impact on value?

According to the survey, this is what the British Public think has the biggest boost to value

  • Extension: 27%
  • New kitchen: 25%
  • Loft conversion: 15%
  • New windows: 8%
  • New front door: 7%

Read more at https://www.zoopla.co.uk/discover/property-news/adding-value-to-your-home/#ZH3rL2H68MjRmbkt.99


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