How To Add a ‘Spa’ Feel to Your Bathroom

Having a Spa-Style bathroom has become very sought-after, and many are trying to add a tranquil and relaxed dynamic to their bathroom. Read on to learn some tips which will add a calming touch. 

Some smaller, but effective additions:

Upgrade your towels: Go for some new soft towels to add a spa like touch to your bathroom on a budget. If your bath/shower mat has seen better days it would also be ideal to replace that too!
Stock up on some of your favourite bathroom essentials: Add some luxurious toiletries, fragrant candles, new soap dispensers. Opt for minimalistic colours to achieve the clean and tranquil vibe you are looking to achieve.
Pick up some new plants: This is the key to the cosy Spa-Style feel, and without greenery you may run the risk of your bathroom looking sterile and lifeless. Focus plants around your bath and basin. If your lacking the floor space for plants you could consider hanging plants instead from the walls.
Other additions: A great way to add a touch of luxury is to add a chair in your bathroom. Make sure to choose fabric that is water resistant to avoid potential damp. Additionally adding a rug will also also contribute to a cosy Spa-Style bathroom.


Some worthwhile alterations:

Use wood for a warmer look : Add wood surfaces wherever possible to make a basic bathroom feel more cheerful. Find yourself a wooden vanity unit, or add in some shelves to incorporate natural wood into your bathroom.

Choose surfaces carefully: A great idea is to use tactile surfaces to help soften your bathroom and to up the luxury. If you are unhappy with the current materials, there may not be a need to rip it out, speak to an interior designer to plan a way to incorporate some new textures into your space.