How to Save Money on Water and Electricity

Even now after the government have intervened to reduce utility bills, many will still struggle to pay their bills. In this blog we're going to go through some key tips to help you save money.

Turn down radiators in areas of the house you don’t use frequently. It isn’t necessary to completely turn them off, but turning your radiators down a few levels can significantly reduce spending for the winter months.

Likewise, it was found turning your thermostat down even just a degree could save up to £115 every year! The World Health Organisation has said that 18’C is enough for an adult, so consider dropping it a degree (or two) lower. Don’t forget that a thermostat will keep your house the temperature you set it at, so no need to turn it up when it gets particularly chilly.  

Use your appliances wisely, make sure that when using your dishwasher, washing machine, or tumble dryer, you put on a full load to reduce how often they are being put on. Additionally consider lowering the water temperature for your washing mashing, using eco-mode or low temperature on your dishwasher, and even ditch the tumble dryer and dry clothes indoors. 

Small changes to you everyday life can save you hundreds, below we have listed some easy adjustments.

  •  Add less water to your kettle– the more water the more the electricity used
  • Get yourself a free water reducer shower attachment 
  • Ensure all of your light bulbs are energy efficient
  • Cut shower time– maybe even try cold showers!
  • Use the microwave rather than the oven when possible– quicker, and much cheaper
  • Switch off plugged in devices when not in use– can surprisingly save a lot!
  • Use a washing up bowl– don’t leave the tap running