Is your garden ‘Autumn Ready’?

Fertilise your lawn

Feeding your lawn will ensure that it stays green and healthy throughout the year. Autumn is a great time to fertilise because it protects your lawn through the winter months. You should aim to fertilise twice a year for the best results.

Cover your pond

If you have a pond in your garden, cover it with a net. Avoid a Autumn and winter of digging out soggy plants and leaves

Prune trees

There are many reasons why you should prune your trees. It helps improve the health and appearance of your trees, removes dead or dying branches and it can even promote crop growth in fruit trees.

Clean out any water features

Water features tend to get clogged up at this time of year. So, ensure all waterways are clear of leaves, moss and any other muck! Water is also more likely to stagnate and murk up during the winter, so now is also a good time to replace and replenish old water with fresh!

Look after your feathered friends

Give your bird feeders a good scrub to help keep the germs away. Use boiling hot water to kill off any parasites that may be lurking inside the boxes and make sure that it’s completely dry before you restock it for the winter.