Is your home ‘Autumn Ready?’

  • 3 years ago
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With the colder weather now arriving,  we are all busy digging out jumpers, boots and coats to protect ourselves against the elements.  But what about your property? That needs protection too!  Here’s a few handy tips to make sure your home is ‘Autumn ready’ too !

Clean out the gutters

No one loves this job, but we all need to do it annually. A few hours of work can prevent big problems later on.

While you’re up on that ladder, visually inspect your roof for damaged shingles, flashing or vents.

Turn off outdoor plumbing

Drain outdoor taps and sprinkler systems, and cover them to protect them from any freezing weather to come.

Clean the fireplace and chimney

If you are lucky enough to have an open fire, clean out the fireplace, inspect the flue, and ensure the doors and shields are sound. Have the chimney professionally swept if needed. Now’s also the time to stock up on firewood!

Heating Check

Now is the time to check your heating is working. Don’t wait until you need it, give it a trial-run in the autumn to make sure that it is working properly


Exterior lighting

It is much nicer to come home to some lighting when the evenings are dark, so make sure any exterior lighting is working, replace any bulbs which need changing.  .

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