Perfect Patio Ideas

Now more than ever, we are spending more and more time in our gardens.  Whether it’s to chill out with a good book or to enjoy some quality time with our friends and family, our gardens have definitely played a huge part in our lives the past year or so.  You don’t have to own a huge garden to make it a really special place to be and a patio/entertaining area is probably the most focal part of it all. 

Here we have just a few ideas of how  just a few small additions can make a huge difference to the over all look and feel of the humble patio

Go Potty!

By simply attaching pots to an  outside wall and filling them with colourful flowers and trailing foliage, can create a fantastic area, as well as the added benefit of them not taking any floor space!

Lighting the way!

Lighting of course transforms your garden when the sun goes down.  There are hundreds of different varieties available on the market, from individual post style lighting to the twinkly fairy lights, which can be strung up anywhere to create a great atmosphere.  Lights placed in empty jam jars and old wine bottles can add a quirky element to your patio and placed in dark corners to light them up

Fantastic Flooring!

Outdoor rugs are the newest craze to hit the market with hundreds of different sizes and shapes available. Another alternative way to flatter your patio floor is to consider stencilling, with again, hundreds of different sizes and designs to choose from and available from most craft suppliers.

Fabulous Furniture

Of course, your choice of furniture is probably the most important purchase for your patio.  If space is an issue, maybe consider buying furniture which can be folded away, or furniture which can also double up as storage.  With so many options available on the market, many with very large price tags, perhaps you could turn your hand to making some bespoke garden furniture.  Old wooden pallets have become a very popular choice to turn into some really great, funky designs!

Whatever you decide to do in your garden, we wish you a very happy Summer ahead with hopefully plenty of sunshine!!