Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Estate Agent

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The estate agent you choose could be the difference between selling your house, or being unsuccessful. Here we have gone through key points to keep in mind and given some guidance. 

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Am I looking to sell or rent my property?

Many estate agents will specialise in one or the other. It is best to choose an estate agent which has focus in whichever outcome you are looking for. Here at Direct Moves.

How much will the estate agent charge for Sole Agency? 

Sole agency is when an estate agent has exclusive rights to sell your property for a given period of time. In general the fee for a single property will range from 1% to 2.5%. Here at Direct Moves we charge only 1%, so its best to investigate multiple estate agents to find the best price. 

How long has the Estate Agent been established, and are they familiar with selling properties similar to mine?

It would be best to put your house on the market with a well known estate agent with experience selling property in your location. Additionally estate agents usually take on properties within a similar price bracket, low range, mid range, or higher range properties. Thus select an estate agent that sells houses with a similar valuation price to your own as this will maximise the chances of a successful sale. 


How will my property be advertised and managed? 

It is important to know how your property is being advertised to maximise exposure and secure a buyer. The more platforms your property is being advertised on the better, so check with your estate agent before proceeding. Additionally ask the estate agent about their viewings, and check that they are able to host them through the best part of the week. 

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