Reducing your Energy Bill.

With our energy prices increasing in November 2021 it is becoming more costly to live comfortably in our homes without spending a fortune. In this blog we have some handy tips to help you save some money on your energy bills.

Doors and Draughts

Warm air will find any nook and cranny to to leave your home feeling cold. Cold air is sucked in to replace the warmer air, causing draughts.

Shutting doors and closing windows may not be enough as any gaps in the frames allow warm air to escape – and that costs money.

The letter box or bottom of the door can often an escape route for hot air. But by simply adding a draught excluder – or even a rolled up towel – the draughts can be blocked.

Windows and Draughts

Windows are also a hot spot for warm air to leave our homes much like the doors. 

In the UK if your home is only single glazed (exceptions for some properties) you may be eligible for a grant to replace your windows and install double glazing. This could save hundreds of pounds each year on your energy bill. 

If you already have double glazing installed then the Energy Saving Trust says it is worth getting some heavy curtains to help keep the heat in the room.

Loft Spaces

Insulating your loft space can also save a lot of money when it comes to our energy bills! Heat always rises which is why typically your house is usually warmer on upper floors, however this does also mean you can loose a lot of heat through the roof and loft space. By simply insulating the loft it prevents much of the warmer air from escaping your home.