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Selling a home or property is a big step. It’s often one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make and a helping hand from the Direct Moves Estate Agents team we will help make sure you get the best price, the right buyers and don’t trip over pitfalls along the way.

Here at Direct Moves Estate Agents in Weymouth we have decades of property sales experience, there is probably little we have not seen or dealt with over the years and we understand how daunting a journey this can be.

Because we understand the local market, know what sells, what sticks and why, you can be confident that we will always give you the best possible professional advice. And because things do not always go to plan, we are your safety net if something happens along the way.

One of the hardest things to be when you are selling a beloved family home, happy holiday cottage or even your first home together, is objective. You will have fond memories that shout from every corner indoors and out. This means that often you will find it harder to see what a buyer sees, after all you have loved this place, managed its quirks, and put your own stamp on the décor. And being objective is crucial when you want to move on to a new home, area, or country.

Our primary purpose is to help you see what a buyer sees, so we’ll help you spot the small improvements you could make that will make the most of the price you are asking and reduce the likelihood of a potential buyer making an offer that is not acceptable.

We have a package to meet all needs


Our DIY service has a fixed fee and allows you full control of the selling process


Our Prime service is our most popular and starts with A FREE no obligation valuation
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Our bespoke service covering all aspects of your sale and managed by our directors

Of course, your property deserves to be seen in all the right places; after all everyone checks Rightmove, ZooplaOn the Market and Prime Location first. So, adding your property with the best photographs and accurate details is essential.

Once your property is listed as available for sale you can be confident that potential buyers will be treated with care and courtesy making sure they get the best possible opportunity to see your home at it’s very best.

Receiving an offer is an exciting time, but it can be stressful if the price offered is not what you hoped. Negotiating on your behalf will make sure the best price for your home is achieved as early as possible. And because we make sure all buyers are financially able to complete a purchase, you can be certain it is more likely to go ahead.

Finally, your choice of solicitor is an important decision and can affect the speed at which a sale moves. If you do not know who to work with, we will introduce you to those we find especially helpful and professional. Building a great relationship with the conveyancing solicitor you choose is an important part of our role as this makes sure everything, they need to do their job effectively and efficiently is available as soon as possible.

If you are ready to sell your home with our experienced team, check out our packages and decide which is right for you. If you are not sure which is the perfect one for you then give us a call and we can discuss your needs in more detail.

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