Spookify your home this Halloween!!

Spookify your home this Halloween with a few of our scary crafty DIY ideas!

Zombie Dolls!

Turn some old dolls into zombies with some red (blood) paint and ripped clothing, then scatter throughout your front garden or peeping out of windows .

Spooky Candles

For a straightforward, scary Halloween decoration, simply take a red candle and melt it over top of a white one so the red wax runs down like blood!

Scary Bottles

Old wine bottles can turn into scary table decorations. Simply spray paint the bottles in Halloween colours, and stick a candlestick in each bottle, black candles look especially errective! Light the candles and let the wax drip down the sides of the bottle…spooooky!!

Pumpkin Spiders

Make scary  spidery candle-holders. Scoop out mini pumpkins and add T lights and pipe cleaners for legs – hide them around the house and see who can find the most!

Colourful Pumpinks

Rather than just carve your pumpkin, why not paint them too?  Autumnal colours such as reds and golds can look great placed outside your front door


As an alternative to pumpkins, wash out clean out any jars and then glue Halloween coloured tissue to the outside and decorate with scary images.  Add a T light to the inside for a spooooooky glow!

Enjoy your Halloween and remember to STAY SAFE!