The door to success!

When you are selling your home, something as simple as painting your front door can have a huge impact on getting people through the door.  Front doors are the very first thing that a potential buyer will see when viewing your property and it can make all the difference!

A recent study shows that the colour you should choose depends a great deal on where your home is located.  For example, if you are living in the country, a natural, varnished wooden door which compliments the surrounding area is far more appealing than something that sticks out like a sore thumb!  If you live by the sea, nautical colours such as light blue’s or greens can make a great impact.  Traditional colours such a high gloss black, dark blue or red door can give the impression of grandeur, where as bold, brighter colours can brighten up a row of terraced houses, creating a cheery entrance whilst making your house stand out from the rest!

Door furniture is also massively important, house numbers should being visible and complete…. there’s no point living at number 102 when you just have the number 2 hanging there!  Any brass fittings should be clean and polished and also make sure the door bell works!

Placing flowers in large pots either side of the entrance in a colour that compliments your door colour can also make a fantastic first impression.





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