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We are now in the fifth month of the year. The weather is warmer, the sea is calmer and Kathryn is busy planting lots of trees on behalf of Direct Moves to reach her goal of 300 trees planted this year.

In February a total of 25 various trees were planted in the allocated spot, bringing the total number for trees to 46.

This month Kathryn went back to her planting site and managed only a further 10 trees. The ground is hard and dry making it near impossible to plant trees. 

Whilst the total of trees planted should be 56 we unfortunately lost 3 trees to grazing deer. Seeing at the UK is only getting warmer we have had to postpone any further tree planting until October. This means we have a further 247 trees to plant in four months!! Thankfully we have found a close charity that will be providing 250 saplings in October so this should be achievable. 

A little more about what were planting.

The Norwegian Maple was introduced to the UK in the early 17th Century. Known for its hardy wood it is a popular tree in the UK and generally found in parks and gardens it has a high tolerance to; soils, shade, pollution and strong and sturdy trunk. 

The common Oak plays a large part in the UK woodland, especially for its local wildlife. 

Oak forests actually support more life forms than any other native forms. 

Introduced to the UK in 1500’s, Sycamore makes for a great addition to UK woodland. The value to wildlife is particularly attractive to insets, attracting aphids, ladybirds and hoverflies. Also popular with many birds. 

Each year sycamore remove around 7,579 metric tonnes of carbon from our environment. 

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