2022: Our Pledge.

This year our goal is not only to provide excellent service to all but also to look at how we, as a business, can provide a more sustainable approach to how we work.

So you may have already of seen our social media posts our tree planting that Kathryn did in January.

If you didn’t already know, our goal is to plant a tree for every property we get past exchange. 


Why is this important to us?

Trees are one of the most powerful weapons against climate change. Its said that in the UK alone we would need an additional 1.5 million hectares to be carbon neutral as a country. 

Although this is out of our ability, that’s not to say we can’t help and act towards this number. Even though it may only seem like 20/30 trees a month which only takes an hour between two people, this will add up. We look to have planted collectively for 2022, 300 trees – This is a small woodland, a new habitat and a big difference to our local area!